Whether it's your favorite restaurant, park or street, we all notice and experience the world around us based on where we live. I live in L.A. and can't stop noticing sharp contradictions of this huge metropolitan area, with its glitz and glamour and almost forgotten, but yet vibrant amazing neighborhoods. I love this city.
This is LA through my eyes.


The J. Paul Getty Museum

One of my favorite things in L.A. is visiting parks and museums and The Getty Museum is one of L.A’s top destinations.

Getty’s amazing garden is full of intricate design and symmetry.

Gorgeous flowers

and lush moss.

It’s an escape from the city, where everyone can forget and relax in the tranquility of this perfect garden.

Sit down, enjoy, get inspired.

The brilliance is in its simplicity and planning.

I wish there was more places like this all over L.A.